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Author of Children Of The Greys - Bret Oldham Joins Abnormal Realities Radio Program

Bret Oldham is a well known alien abductee. Bret is the author of the acclaimed Amazon Best Seller, “Children Of The Greys,” in which he details his lifelong alien abduction experiences, the follow up book, “The Baby Takers” and “Afterlife Encounters.”

He has undergone extensive testing to prove the validity of his case, including passing a polygraph exam, medical exams, special blood work, and most recently, a QEEG brain scan that was aired on the History channels hit series, "Ancient Aliens" which proved that his memories of alien abductions came from the part of his brain that stores memories, thus proving them real.

Bret has made numerous worldwide television appearances and has been featured on numerous Internet TV and radio shows. Bret Oldham's alien abduction case is one of the most documented in history.

Children Of The Greys

One calm autumn night, in a house surrounded by farm land in rural Southern Illinois, a young five year old boy wakes to see a bright light shining through the window. As he pulls the curtains back to look for the cause of the strange light, he comes face to face with a hideous looking alien creature. What followed next began a life time of abductions by these strange alien beings. In Children Of The Greys, a true story of his numerous alien encounters, author Bret Oldham relives many of these traumatic alien abduction experiences. From mind control experiments, sexual interludes, healings, unexplainable scars, hybrids, an incredible multiple abduction with another witness and a fetus being taken, to the paranormal connection and more; all described in great detail. Theories and insights into the possible alien agenda by some of the world's leading UFO and alien abduction experts are also presented here. Memories that had been suppressed for years by the aliens surfaced after receiving therapy for a series of anxiety attacks. Memories that were kept secret for decades are now revealed for the first time in this very personal, thought provoking account of one man's journey through the enigma of the alien abduction phenomena.

The Baby Takers

In this riveting follow up to the best selling book, Children of the Greys, author Bret Oldham continues with more personal accounts of his own alien abductions. He is joined by four other abductees who share their own terrifying accounts of being taken by an alien species. Their cases offer remarkable congruencies to Oldham's, and these similarities defy the odds. Bret shares what he has learned from his experiences over the last five decades. He discusses alien implants, the human/alien hybrid program, his encounter with agents of the secret government, the paranormal connection, psychic abilities, dimensional portals and how he has coped with a lifetime of alien encounters. Uncharted territory is explored as the abductees reveal secrets of their never before told stories of alien sexual procedures. Emotionally charged from cover to cover, The Baby Takers delves deep into the alien abduction phenomenon and the alien hybrid reality.


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