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The Haunted Hill House, Where Spirits Speak with Martha Hazzard Decker

On tonight’s show we get to visit special guest, Martha Hazzard Decker. Martha is an author, researcher, and Investigator, sometimes even in the paranormal world. She has been involved in investigating the paranormal since 1999 and is founder of East Texas Paranormal. She was on Portals to Hell in 2020 and can be seen on Death Walker with Nick Groff. Her experience includes investigating private homes, commercial businesses, historical sites and public locations.

Her book, Paranormal Profiling, was published in 2014 and is a basic how to interview potential clients and witnesses’ .Decker will release Paranormal Profiling 2 this fall. It’s an advanced version of the initial book.  Haunted Hill House; where spirits speak, is her most recent book and was released July 2021. It’s available on Amazon or through her website.

Join us on this episode of Abnormal Realities with Ron Phillips and Rocci Stucci

It's the first in a series about Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, TX. The house was built around 1880 and is now the site of serious paranormal activity. There has been a multitude of activity which runs the gamut from children's giggles to growls, hisses and scratches. There have been a number of deaths at this location. Some were natural but many others were murders. The house is listed by many sites as the #1 most haunted house in the U.S. and #3 in the world. The first book covers a little bit of everything from some of the first people to live in it to current paranormal activity. Shadows are often seen moving about the house. Visitors witness orbs with their own eyes, EVPS are numerous as are disembodied voices. The house has been featured on these shows; Portals to Hell, Paranormal Declassified and Death Walker.

Get her book "Haunted Hill House, Where Spirits Speak" Here:

Video from the Haunted Hill House, where a women get pulled out of bed by a ghost!!

Get her book "Haunted Hill House, Where Spirits Speak" Here:

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