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The Abnormal Team

Who We Are



Show Host

Ron Phillips (aka Producer Ron for other shows) made his mark in radio in 1986 as a top-40 DJ and has been keeping them laughing ever since… but not because he’s good at radio! He’s a veteran of the United States Air Force and supports veteran’s causes around the country.


Ron picked up the producer title in 2015 when he started his first 24/7 digital talk radio station that included some 70+ shows, of which he produced six of them.


Throughout the years, Ron has produced several notable shows such as The Sam Sorbo Show, The Daily Mojo with Doc Thompson, The Daily Mojo with Brad Staggs, and many others. He’s proud to be the current co-host of the radio program Abnormal Realities with Ron Phillips and Rocci Stucci and to provide a bit of levity and a whole lot of technology know-how each week.


Ron owns and operates Pinnacle Broadcasting and is the operations manager and engineer for two iHeartRadio distributed digital stations, Mojo 5-0 Radio, and Odysy Radio.


Show Host

Rocci Stucci, aka “The Meatball”, has been in talk radio and public speaking for nearly a decade. Rocci is often called upon to speak on the paranormal, overcoming addiction, and bullying.


Rocci has been in radio and has been the host of EBN Radio, The Situation Room, The Rocci Stucci Show, and Abnormal Realities with Ron and Rocci.


Rocci and his wife Lisa started an organization in 2007 supporting veterans and active-duty military programs around the country from: Disabled veterans home repair, Vietnam veteran welcome home programs, Flag lines for military funerals, and they continue to support many similar programs today.

Rocci has always had an interest in paranormal, UFO's, Ancient history, and all things that challenge the narrative,  Rocci is going on 10yrs investigating paranormal events, and wants to bring his experiences to you!

Rocci Stucci is your hard-charging, no-nonsense, take no prisoners, master of ceremonies. Unscripted, unfiltered, and completely unapologetic. Rocci Stucci is the absolute antithesis to the malpractice of western media, and the bonafide, guaranteed cure to society's ills.

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